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  • PR/IR Manager

    Bachelor or Above|Shanghai|5+ years of PR and brand communications experience

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    Job Description:

    The PR/IR Manager will support the company to develop PR initiatives, create a brand voice, and build company brand awareness. The objective is to secure organic coverage through product placement, editorial features, and different forms of collaborations with media and co-branding. “Chielf Sustainability officer” is a hot position in most large corporations now. The PR person needs to have a high level of sensitivity to these issues and should be passionate about this.

    Key responsibility areas are:
    - PR Strategy:
    • Develop the PR strategy and plan for greater company brand awareness and brand value in line with the total marketing calendar to support the business goal.
    • Develop a strong PR plan for new campaigns, new product launches, and other key business events.

    - PR Relationships and network:
    • Establish and maintain a relevant media list with a focus on relevant newspapers, magazines, influencers, and social media bloggers for better brand building.

    - Partnerships and collaborations:
    • Create and build partnerships and collaborations with media, celebrities, influencers, digital bloggers, and also on co-branding.
    • Crisis management.

    - Corporate Communications:
    • Drive Company news and announcements, issues management, and corporate media relations

    - Data and reporting:
    • Manage and track PR activities, budgets, effectiveness, and ROI.

    Job Requirements:

    • Bachelor or higher degree, major in PR, Media, Communications, or Marketing, etc.
    • 5+ years of PR and brand communications experience
    • Have good resources and relationships with media and influencers in the Industry
    • Excellent communication skills in both written and verbal
    • Fluent English both in written and Verbal

  • R&D PM

    Master or PhD|Singapore / Shanghai|3+ years

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    Job Description:

    - Provide pragmatic project management with a high sense of urgency to internal and external R&D efforts
    - Always keep an open mind to innovation, and cultivate a strong understanding of the dynamic changes in the field of synthetic biology, industrial biotechnology and biomanufacturing.
    - Assist Mojia’s CSO to lead, mentor, and grow a team of highly capable researchers. Foster scientific excellence in experimental design, execution and analysis.
    - Work collaboratively and effectively with other internal R&D team members involved in bio- and chemical technology, chemical engineering, and other functions as needed to foster scientific rigor, a culture of trust, accountability and openness.
    - Contribute to corporate strategy development and decision making process as needed. Contribute in the leadership team’s and the company board’s understanding of technical challenges to ensure the correct go/no go decisions and prioritization of resources.
    - Work closely with internal and external counsels to develop and protect intellectual properties.
    - Present to, and work with Mojia’s board members, investors, industry and academic partners and the public as appropriate.

    Job Requirements:

    - Master or PhD in Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, or related field with a minimum of 3 years of combined relevant industrial experience.
    - Must have an excellent track record of successful demonstration of Project Management principles in bio- and chemical technology R&D.
    - Must have a strong R&D leadership and experience, a quantitative framework for designing, executing and managing research. The ability to collaborate and manage external resources is necessary.
    - Must have excellent communication skills with the ability to critically evaluate experimental data, and effectively communicate results with clarity and prevision, both verbally and in writing to scientific and general public.
    - Prior experience in working at an interdisciplinary R&D environment is highly desirable.
    - Demonstrated experience in the following related areas are preferred: Synthetic biology and industrial biotechnology scale up, experience in current state-of-the-art chemical manufacturing, and/or extensive participation in the development of any green and sustainable technologies.